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What is phenotype nutrition?

Letís explore your phenotype! First, what is your phenotype as a HUMAN.

Definition of Phenotype: 

The set of observable characteristics of an individual resulting from 

the interaction of its genotype with the environment.

In other words:

Your Phenotype is the mix of your genetics, 

plus your environmental exposures, 

all emphasized by your unique personality traits.

Your personal phenotype is unique to you because its made up of your personality, 

phenotypic structure and environmental exposures.   

Interestingly your phenotype also includes the mental approach to nutrition and the

ability to digest certain foods and beverages. 

These food and beverages carry specific nutritionally derived enzymes, minerals, 

vitamins and complex nutrients.

Phenotype Nutrition explores:

What foods carry the highest total potential for your proper digestion and your 

personal nutrient extraction.

How does Phenotype Nutrition work?

The HUMAN digestive tract is programed with a code that knows exactly what

five star foods and beverages should be consumed and properly digested. 

Those five star dietary choices are able to be consumed without causing strain 

or damage during digestion.

Less strain on your digestive tract allows for the possibility for:

  • Shedding of the excessive weight gained overtime
  • Relief of chronic inflammation
  • Elimination of unattractive belly bloat
  • Repair of digestive tract (stomach, liver, kidneys, colon, ect.) 

The longterm advantage, is that your total body begins to trust the nutritional choices you make, 

As a result, multiply deficiencies are reversed and the body is BALANCED.

You then begin to experience a better life, a better lifestyle, a better you.

Why Phenotype Nutrition?

You desire a better life.

You desire a better lifestyle.

You desire a better you.

Who does Phenotype Nutrition? 

Meet a few of our clients and listen to their phenotype nutritional experiences.

When and Where do I get Phenotype Nutrition?

When, right now, where right here!

You now have access to the healthiest nutritional lifestyle based on the mix of your 

genetics, personality and environmental exposure.

Your first step?

Click this link ---> Take the TEST!

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